The biggest folk festival
in the world

The most beautiful time in the cultural year of Munich: The biggest folk festival attracts guests from all over the world with beer, soft pretzels, good times and local traditions.

When the world comes together to share a beer table, when daily attire changes to dirndls and lederhosen and veritably every Munich native takes his/her traditional outfit out of the wardrobe, then you know the time has come: “O’zapft is!”

Every year in September, the world’s biggest folk festival kicks off.

Oktoberfest München - 4 Sterne Hotel Rothof in München

“O’zapft is!”

(“The first barrel is tapped!”)

The beer tents range form big to enormous, the fall fair stands are a culinary home game, the constant sound of oompah-pah music and Oktoberfest songs fills the autumn air and for two glorious weeks Munich revolves around seeing and being seen.

All of this results in an unforgettable combination which makes Oktoberfest unique and puts it in the ranks of the international renown of the world’s biggest folk festivals from Rio to Venice.


No wonder Munich is quickly sold out for Oktoberfest. If you want to come and celebrate, you should book early. Public transit gets you from the Hotel Rothof to the “Wiesn” in next to no time – and the trip back to our quiet hotel is just as fast.

Book your stay now – and join us for the best party of the year.


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