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My Munich – This is where we present individual tips and unusual perspectives of the city which has a special place in our hearts. All of these places are the favourites of our staff, partners, friends and families – and what they think are the best restaurants, museums, cafés, gardens and cultural sites.

You prefer the traditional? Then you should also have a look at our classics.

Picknick am Abend an der Isar in München
Picknick an der Isar in München

In any season

The sparkling
River Isar

The first rays of the sunrise have barely reflected off the surface of the river, and people have already packed their picnic blankets and a few cold drinks and are enjoying the summer with a view of the river. The Isar has room for all, with 14 kilometres as it flows through the metropolis, flanked by pebbled shores and meadows, riverside woodlands and hiking trails. ...

Viktualienmarkt in a new light

Caspar Plautz

Here everything revolves around what Bavarians traditionally call an “earth apple”: The potato. Caspar Plautz is dedicated to this vegetable alone and presents it as an all-round genius. This unusual concept was the idea of two young founders, who actually hail from completely different professional arenas: one is a goldsmith and the other a sociologist. But perhaps this is precisely what is bringing a fresh new breeze to the rather traditional Viktualienmarkt. ...

Caspar Plautz am Viktualienmarkt in München
Caspar Plautz in München
Caspar Plautz am Viktualienmarkt in München
Man vs Machine Glockenbachviertel in München
Man vs Machine Cafe Bar Glockenbachviertel in München


Man vs Machine

The café is the love of coffee in shop form. Man vs Machine roasts its speciality beans itself right in the middle of the cult Glockenbach quarter – which is why the coffee not only tastes great but the aroma is also fantastic. ...



Simply sensuous

Sois Blessed is not just a project in founder Ruth Gombert’s heart, but also a concept store which defines itself as a “venue of values”. The idea behind the shop’s 550 square metres in total is that this is not just a place where things are to be consumed, but most of all it is to be a place of inspiration where one is happy to while away time. ...

Sois blessed München Cafe
Sois blessed München
Sois blessed München
Sois blessed München - Blumen und mehr
Occam Deli - bayerisches Deli auf in München
Occam Deli - NY Deli auf bayerisch mitten in München


Occam Deli

Occam combines New York deli culture with the culinary traditions of Bavaria. Deli culture in Germany has its roots in the 18th century and was then established in New York by Jewish and other European immigrants, with Katz’s Deli as its most successful representative. ...


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