Beer Gardens in Munich

Where to stay in Munich?

From the first warm days of spring until well into autumn, Munich’s beer gardens are beloved traditions for both Munich’s residents and holiday visitors to the city.

In the beer gardens of Munich guests sit at rustic tables, usually underneath old, shady, mature trees. The Bavarian beer garden atmosphere is something one must experience because it is simply incomparable: down to earth, Bavarian, honest. It’s here that Japanese meet Italians, Prussians interact with Bavarians, and Americans sit with Russians, all lifting their beers to toast one another in unison. There’s also always a hearty snack to be enjoyed alongside traditional music played by true Bavarians, complete with accordions and brass instruments.

What would a Bavarian holiday in Munich be without Beer Gardens?

Bavarians, complete with accordions and brass instruments. Some prefer the largest of Munich’s beer gardens where the wide world comes together – one beer garden with 7,000 seats is located in the English Garden next to the Chinese Tower. Others plan to meet at one of the smaller, cosier beer gardens, where there is more of a Bavarian flair than international and the waiters serve beer alongside crisp quips.

When in doubt, just ask for more information about Munich’s beer gardens at the Hotel Rothof reception desk. The hotel is located close to the city centre in Munich’s Bogenhausen neighbourhood. There are certainly a few sure tips when it comes to beer gardens worth seeing and experiencing!

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Weißwurst, a pretzel and a litre of beer

It doesn’t take much to find happiness in a Munich beer garden! And it definitely doesn’t get any more Bavarian...

Brotzeit im Biergarten
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